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About Us

Who are we, and why explain Zopa?

Hi, I'm William! I've been lending on Zopa for over 2 years, I started off with a small investment of £50 which I lent to borrowers on Zopa. It took me ages to fully appreciate how to get the most out of Zopa, but as I have I've increased my lending amount.

My friend Edward, needed to borrow some money for a motorbike for his commute across London to work, but due to his age and the credit crunch the banks were unwilling to lend. Then he found Zopa and was able to get the loan he needed at a good rate.

I didn't know Edward had taken a Zopa loan until I asked him about his new bike. We got chatting about Zopa and both agreed that it is quite a difficult concept to get your head round.  For future users we thought we would write an online guide on how Zopa works in a more 'us' way.

As experienced users on both sides we have answered some common questions about Zopa and it's advantages and disadvantages. You can also email us with your questions, and we'll put them up on the site with answers. For those just wanting to know what Zopa is we also provide a brief overview to the service.

Zopa is an exciting company, and is one example of how the internet is revolutionizing traditional business. The simple idea of matching borrowers and lenders at rates agreeable to both, cutting out the banks, is great!

Reasons we love Zopa:

1) It offers market leading rates.
2) The democracy effect
3) It's not just numbers punched into a computer to generate a yes/no answer.
4) You lend or are helped by real people, not faceless banks!